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What is YoungStar?

YoungStar is Wisconsin's child care quality rating and improvement system. We give parents tools and information to raise happy, healthy kids. We help preschools and child care providers give children safe, nurturing places to grow. How do we do it?

  • By objectively measuring child care quality from one to five stars for thousands of child care providers.
  • By giving parents an easy way to find programs that match their family's lifestyle, budget, and disability.
  • By supporting providers with tools and training to deliver high quality care.
  • By setting a consistent standard for child care quality.

What is Regulated Child Care?

Regulated child care provides a foundation for safe child care settings by conducting background checks, regular inspections and complaint investigations. Types of regulated child care include:

  • Certified Care (3 or fewer children under age 7 in care)
  • Licensed Family Child Care (up to 8 children under age 7)
  • Licensed Group Child Care (9 or more children under age 7)
  • Day Camp (seasonal program for 4 or more children ages 3 & up)

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Kidstown Usa Inc
Kidstown Usa School-Age Program
600 12Th St
Mosinee Elementary School
Mosinee WI 54455-1099
Marathon County
Contact Information
Monica Suroviak

Provider #
Location #
Facility #
Regulation Type
Licensed Group
Monica Suroviak
Ages Served
4 Year(s) - 13 Year(s)

Hours of Operation
Sep - Jun
Jul - Aug
Day Capacity
Children under Age of 7
Night Capacity
Group Size

Mon 6:15AM - 6:00PM 6:30AM - 5:30PM
Tue 6:15AM - 6:00PM 6:30AM - 5:30PM
Wed 6:15AM - 6:00PM 6:30AM - 5:30PM
Thur 6:15AM - 6:00PM 6:30AM - 5:30PM
Fri 6:15AM - 6:00PM 6:30AM - 5:30PM
Type of Regulation Licensing
Condition Type Recurring Change Of Location
Effective Date 03/01/2019
Secondary Location - St John Lutheran Church. Sep-Jun: 6:00A-6:00P on nonschool days & emergency school closure days. Jul-Aug: M-F, 6:30A-5:30P.
Current Rating

Regulated child care providers are monitored for compliance with health and safety standards. Below, you may view the last three years of monitoring and violations.

Type of Regulation Licensing
Date 10/04/2021
Details No violations found ***
Results Statement of Compliance
Type of Regulation Licensing
Date 08/15/2019
Details See Violations below
Results View Plan
Type of Regulation Licensing
Date 08/08/2019
Details No violations found ***
Type of Regulation Licensing
Date 04/15/2019
Details See Violations below
Results View Plan
Type of Regulation Licensing
Date 02/06/2019
Details See Violations below
Date 08/15/2019
Rule Number 251.04(3)(h)
Rule Summary Report - Change In Room Usage
The center did not inform the Department of a change in room usage and has been using classrooms at the St. Johns location that have not been approved for use.
Date 08/15/2019
Rule Number 251.06(3)(c)
Rule Summary Emergencies - Record Of Fire / Tornado Drills
The center does not have documentation on file that tornado drills were competed in April and May 2019.
Date 08/15/2019
Rule Number 251.07(6)(f)5.
Rule Summary Medication Administration - As Labeled & Authorized
An expired Ep-pen intended for use by a child was on site at the center.
Date 08/15/2019
Rule Number 251.07(6)(f)6.
Rule Summary Current Authorizations For Medications On Premises
The center has an Epi-pen at the center without a current parent authorization to administer.
Date 04/15/2019
Rule Number 251.04(2)(a)
Rule Summary Compliance With Laws
Contrary to s. 48.686(2)(ab) Wis. Stats., the center failed to submit a criminal background check request to the department prior to Staff A becoming a caregiver.
Date 02/06/2019
Rule Number 251.11(4)(b)
Rule Summary Continuation License - Application Materials Submission
At least 30 days before the continuation review date of the license, an applicant for license renewal shall submit to the Department all requested continuation materials and fees. Failure to submit all required materials will result in revocation of your license and closure of your facility.

The following details are reported by the child care provider. These details are not verified by the Department of Children and Families. These details are updated by the provider and may not be up to date. Please contact the provider for the latest information.

Special Types of Care Available

Before School Care provided.
After School Care provided.
Drop In Care provided.
Rotating Care provided.

Program Philosophy

None reported.


None reported.


This provider does not have a waitlist.

*** During a partial review of rule requirements on the date indicated, no rule violations were observed.

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