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What is YoungStar?

YoungStar is Wisconsin's child care quality rating and improvement system. We give parents tools and information to raise happy, healthy kids. We help preschools and child care providers give children safe, nurturing places to grow. How do we do it?

  • By objectively measuring child care quality from one to five stars for thousands of child care providers.
  • By giving parents an easy way to find programs that match their family's lifestyle, budget, and disability.
  • By supporting providers with tools and training to deliver high quality care.
  • By setting a consistent standard for child care quality.

What is Regulated Child Care?

Regulated child care provides a foundation for safe child care settings by conducting background checks, regular inspections and complaint investigations. Types of regulated child care include:

  • Certified Care (3 or fewer children under age 7 in care)
  • Licensed Family Child Care (up to 8 children under age 7)
  • Licensed Group Child Care (9 or more children under age 7)
  • Day Camp (seasonal program for 4 or more children ages 3 & up)

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Kay Koshalek
Kays Kids
146218 Dalton Dr
Mosinee WI 54455-4343
Marathon County
Contact Information
Kay Koshalek

Provider #
Location #
Facility #
Regulation Type
Licensed Family
Kay Koshalek
Ages Served
6 Week(s) - 13 Year(s)

Months Open
Jan - Dec
Day Capacity
Night Capacity

6:00AM - 6:00PM
This provider is not participating in YoungStar.

This program provides Infant Child Care

Regulated child care providers are monitored for compliance with health and safety standards. Below, you may view the last three years of enforcement actions/stipulations/warning letters *, monitoring and violations.

Enforcement Actions/Stipulations/Warning Letters * in Last 3 Years

Type of Regulation Licensing
Date 07/11/2019
Type Orders Letter
Appeal No
Violations **
250.05(4)(a) (Maximum Number Of Children In Care Of The Center) on 07/09/2019 : A review of attendance records indicates that on the following days, the provider had 9 children in care: 06-17-19, 6-18-19, 6-20-19, and 07-01-19. On 07-02-19, the provider had 10 children in care.
Type of Regulation Licensing
Date 06/29/2021
Details No violations found ***
Results Statement of Compliance
Type of Regulation Licensing
Date 10/31/2019
Details No violations found ***
Results Statement of Compliance
Type of Regulation Licensing
Date 07/09/2019
Details See Violations below
Results View Plan
Date 07/09/2019
Rule Number 250.04(2)(c)
Rule Summary Current, Accurate Information
-The licensee provided inaccurate information to the department when she stated to the licensing specialist that Child 2 was 2 years-old. A file record check indicated that Child 2 is younger than 2 years-old. -On the Daily Attendance Record - Child Care Centers, the licensee marked Child 2 as being 2 or over in the Age of Child column.
Date 07/09/2019
Rule Number 250.05(4)(a)
Rule Summary Maximum Number Of Children In Care Of The Center
A review of attendance records indicates that on the following days, the provider had 9 children in care: 06-17-19, 6-18-19, 6-20-19, and 07-01-19. On 07-02-19, the provider had 10 children in care.
Date 07/09/2019
Rule Number 250.06(11)(b)4.
Rule Summary Outdoor Play Space - Enclosure
The fence around the outdoor play space is only 44 inches high and not the required 48 inches.
Date 07/09/2019
Rule Number 250.07(6)(f)5.
Rule Summary Current Authorizations For Medications On Premises
A current authorization to administer an epi-pen for Child 1 was not on file at the center.
Date 07/09/2019
Rule Number 250.09(1)(c)5.
Rule Summary Infant & Toddler - Use Of Safety Gates
A safety gate was not present at the bottom of the stairway and Child 2, younger than 2 years-old, was observed climbing up the stairway.

The following details are reported by the child care provider. These details are not verified by the Department of Children and Families. These details are updated by the provider and may not be up to date. Please contact the provider for the latest information.

Special Types of Care Available

Before School Care provided.
After School Care provided.

Program Philosophy

None reported.


None reported.


This provider keeps a waitlist.
7 children are on the waitlist. Last updated on 1/12/2022.
Age Range Children on Waitlist
Under 1 Year 3
1-year-olds 2
2-year-olds 2
3-year-olds 0
4-year-olds 0
5-year-olds 0
6-year-olds 0


* An enforcement action is a sanction or penalty that the Department of Children and Families may impose to gain a child care center's compliance with administrative rule. An enforcement action only pertains to licensed care -- not to certified care. On the date indicated above, an enforcement action was issued by the Department to address a violation of one or more administrative rules. The center can dispute an enforcement action through an appeal. If there is an appeal, this is also indicated above. If no decision is listed for an appealed action, contact the appropriate Department Regional Office for more information. The Department may resolve an enforcement action through a stipulation agreement with the licensee. The Department can also issue a warning letter which is not an enforcement action and does not have appeal rights.

** Any violations included in an enforcement action are both displayed next to the enforcement action and displayed in the listing of violations. Forfeitures are displayed next to their action type, and forfeiture amounts are identified next to each violation.

*** During a partial review of rule requirements on the date indicated, no rule violations were observed.

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