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What is YoungStar?

YoungStar is Wisconsin's child care quality rating and improvement system. We give parents tools and information to raise happy, healthy kids. We help preschools and child care providers give children safe, nurturing places to grow. How do we do it?

  • By objectively measuring child care quality from one to five stars for thousands of child care providers.
  • By giving parents an easy way to find programs that match their family's lifestyle, budget, and disability.
  • By supporting providers with tools and training to deliver high quality care.
  • By setting a consistent standard for child care quality.

What is Regulated Child Care?

Regulated child care provides a foundation for safe child care settings by conducting background checks, regular inspections and complaint investigations. Types of regulated child care include:

  • Certified Care (3 or fewer children under age 7 in care)
  • Licensed Family Child Care (up to 8 children under age 7)
  • Licensed Group Child Care (9 or more children under age 7)
  • Day Camp (seasonal program for 4 or more children ages 3 & up)

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Accredited Provider

National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)

Kindercare Learning Centers Llc
Kindercare Learning Ctrs-Premier
W180 N9410 Premier Ln
Menomonee Falls WI 53051
Waukesha County
Contact Information
Gina Marx

Provider #
Location #
Facility #
Regulation Type
Licensed Group
John Wyatt
Ages Served
6 Week(s) - 13 Year(s)

Months Open
Jan - Dec
Day Capacity
Night Capacity

5:45AM - 6:00PM
Current Rating

This program provides Infant Child Care

Regulated child care providers are monitored for compliance with health and safety standards. Below, you may view the last three years of monitoring and violations.

Type of Regulation Licensing
Date 03/13/2020
Details See Violations below
Results View Plan
Type of Regulation Licensing
Date 09/16/2019
Details See Violations below
Results View Plan
Type of Regulation Licensing
Date 06/19/2019
Details No violations found ***
Type of Regulation Licensing
Date 06/12/2019
Details No violations found ***
Type of Regulation Licensing
Date 02/22/2019
Details No violations found ***
Results Statement of Compliance
Date 03/13/2020
Rule Number 251.05(2)(a)1.
Rule Summary Staff Record - Personal Information
The files for Staff A1, Staff B1, and Staff B2 lacked complete staff record forms upon licensing review.
Date 03/13/2020
Rule Number 251.05(2)(a)4.a.
Rule Summary Staff Record - Registry Certificate
The file for Staff B2 lacked documentation of a registry certificate stating staff is qualified for the position held. Staff began in June 2019.
Date 03/13/2020
Rule Number 251.05(2)(a)6.
Rule Summary Staff Record - Days & Hours Worked
Center lacked accurate documentation of days and hours worked and in which classroom when staff was used in staff-to-child ratios. Upon licensing review, it was determined staff hours were incomplete on March 12, 2020 when staff was used in ratio.
Date 03/13/2020
Rule Number 251.05(4)(c)1.
Rule Summary Continuing Education Requirement - Full Time Staff
Out of six files reviewed, five staff files lacked documentation of meeting the required continuing education requirements for staff.
Date 03/13/2020
Rule Number 251.055(2)(b)
Rule Summary Staff-To-Child Ratios - Minimum
Center failed to maintain minimum staff-to-child ratios as specified in Table 251.055. The ratio is 1:4 with children from birth to 2 years old. Six infants and toddlers were documented with one staff member on March 12, 2020 until 6:45am when a second staff member arrived, and again from 7:00am-7:30am. Six toddlers were with one staff member from 6:45am to 7:02am on March 12, 2020.
Date 03/13/2020
Rule Number 251.06(9)(g)1.d.
Rule Summary Meal Preparation Staff - Orientation, Training
Staff C2, preparing meals on the day of visit, lacked documentation of at least 4 hours in kitchen sanitation, food handling, and nutrition training, completed annually.
Date 03/13/2020
Rule Number 251.09(1)(e)
Rule Summary Infant & Toddler - Provider Training
The file for Staff B1 lacked documentation of staff completing the required infant and toddler provider training.
Date 03/13/2020
Rule Number 251.09(4)(a)5.
Rule Summary Infant & Toddler - Soiled Diapers Disposal
Staff were observed bypassing the hands-free element of the diaper disposal container, and opening the unit with their hands during licensing visit.
Date 09/16/2019
Rule Number 251.06(11)(b)5.
Rule Summary Outdoor Play Space - Energy-Absorbing Surfaces
The outdoor play space lacked at least nine inches of energy-absorbing material under the large climber in the big play area.
Date 09/16/2019
Rule Number 251.06(2)(a)
Rule Summary Potential Source Of Harm On Premises
The premise was not free from potential sources of harm at the time of licensing visit. Gaps were observed in the outdoor play space fencing, between gates. Sharp, protruding fence wires were observed on the lower fence, accessible to children in the outdoor pay space.
Date 09/16/2019
Rule Number 251.06(5)(b)1.
Rule Summary Deteriorating Paint
Flaking and deteriorating paint was observed at the time of licensing visit. The black fencing posts in the outdoor play space contained flaking black paint accessible to children. The door trims in the outdoor play space also contained flaking and deteriorating paint, accessible to children.
Date 09/16/2019
Rule Number 251.06(9)(d)2.a.
Rule Summary Food Storage - Dry Food
Dry foods were not stored in bags with zip-type closures or in food grade material containers with tight-fitting covers. Open bags of popcorn kernels and rice were observed twisted shut. Sugar and flour were observed in a food grade container without a lid.
Date 09/16/2019
Rule Number 251.06(9)(g)1.b.
Rule Summary Food Service Staff - Clothing, Hair Restraints
Staff preparing food at the time of licensing visit was not wearing an effective hair restraint.
Date 09/16/2019
Rule Number 251.07(6)(f)1.a.
Rule Summary Medication Administration - Parent Authorization
Incomplete medication forms were observed on the premise at the time of licensing visit. Medication forms were observed without end dates, stating "as needed", and being authorized longer than the length of time specified on the label.
Date 09/16/2019
Rule Number 251.07(6)(k)1.
Rule Summary Health Examination - Children Under Age 2
The files for Child 2 and Child 3 lacked updated child health examinations upon review. Children are under the age of 2 and require an updated health examination every six (6) months.
Date 09/16/2019
Rule Number 251.07(6)(k)5.
Rule Summary Health History Information
The files for Child 2, Child 3, and Child 5 lacked complete child health history and emergency care plans upon review. Forms noted a medical condition but lacked information pertaining to the emergency care plan.

The following details are reported by the child care provider. These details are not verified by the Department of Children and Families. These details are updated by the provider and may not be up to date. Please contact the provider for the latest information.

Special Types of Care Available

Before School Care provided.
After School Care provided.
Drop In Care provided.

Program Philosophy

None reported.


None reported.


This provider does not have a waitlist.

*** During a partial review of rule requirements on the date indicated, no rule violations were observed.

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