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Welcome to the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families' public search of regulated child care and YoungStar rated programs. Searching for safe, quality child care in Wisconsin has never been easier. Many providers are rated by YoungStar so that you can know how they measure up against research-based quality indicators. If you need help understanding what a star rating means, please see our Reading the Stars brochure for more information.
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Provider Details
Play Haven East Towne Llc
4111 E Towne Blvd
Madison Wi 53704
Dane County
Provider #
Location #
Facility #
Regulation Type Licensed Group
Applicant/Licensee Charles Wallace Havens
Contact Information
Anita Ferris

6 Week(s) - 13 Year(s)
Jan - Dec
Mon-Fri 6:00AM - 6:00PM
Sat-Sun Closed

YoungStar Details
Current Rating   3 stars.
  15 Points Earned,
Out of 40 Points Maximum
Rating Details
Category Points Earned Points Possible
Education And Training 7 15
Learning Environment And Curriculum 2 13
Business And Professional Practices 4 7
Health And Wellness 2 5

Regulation Details
Regulated child care providers are monitored for compliance with health and safety standards. Below, you may view the last two years of monitoring, and violations.

Monitoring in Last 2 Years

Type of
Licensing 12/09/2014 See Violations below View Plan
Licensing 07/23/2014 See Violations below View Plan
Licensing 05/22/2014 No violations found ****
Licensing 01/16/2014 No violations found ****
Licensing 11/11/2013 See Violations below View Plan
Licensing 05/10/2013 No violations found ****
Licensing 04/12/2013 See Violations below View Plan
Licensing 04/11/2013 See Violations below View Plan
Licensing 04/03/2013 See Violations below
Licensing 04/02/2013 See Violations below View Plan

Violations in Last 2 Years

DateRule NumberRule SummaryDescription
12/09/2014 251.04(6)(b) Current, Accurate Daily Attendance Record The attendance record was not accurate when 5 children were in attendance but 4 children were signed into the campfire room.
12/09/2014 251.06(2)(d) Access To Materials Potentially Harmful To Children Materials potentially harmful to children were accessible when diapering ointment and sunscreen were stored on shelves accessible to children.
12/09/2014 251.06(5)(a) Condition Of Premises The premise was not free from litter when there was litter in the stairway and in the school age classroom.
12/09/2014 251.06(5)(g) Pest Control There are vermin present on the premises as noted by feces in the kitchen and the basement. A pest control service had vermin traps in the center.
12/09/2014 251.09(2)(k) Infant & Toddler - Adult-Size Chairs There was one adult size chair when 2 staff members work in the toddler classroom regularly.
07/23/2014 251.07(6)(k)5. Health History Information A teacher was unaware of a child's medical condition that was identified on the Health History and Emergency Care Plan form until the second day of care.
11/11/2013 251.05(4)(a) Group Size - Maximum The maximum number of children in a group was exceeded the week of 11/4/13 when there were 10 children under the age of 2 years combined into one classroom.
11/11/2013 251.07(5)(a)5.a. Menus - Post Juice was posted on the menu for snack. The kind of juice was not listed. Menus were not posted in a conspicuous place for parents. The menus were underneath the attendance sheets in the classrooms.
11/11/2013 251.09(1)(d)1. Infant & Toddler - Opening & Closing Hours Children under 2 years old were moved to their assigned classroom between 9:00 and 9:10 AM which was not during the first two hours of the licensed hours of operation.
04/12/2013 251.05(3)(c) Close Supervision Of Children On 4/11/13 the school age children were in their classroom alone for approximately 1 minute due to a procedure change. Another teacher discovered the children were alone and in the process of calling the office another child was left alone in that teacher's classroom. Recite 1/7/13
04/12/2013 251.06(5)(a) Condition Of Premises Due to the weather the children went down to the basement for large motor activities. A 3 year old child was stuck in the bathroom and crying because the door was hard to open.
04/11/2013 251.04(6)(b) Current, Accurate Daily Attendance Record The attendance record was not accurate when 8 children were in the Bubble Bunch room but only 7 children's time of arrival had been recorded. Recite 12/5/12.
04/11/2013 251.07(5)(b)1. Mealtime - Staff With Children Staff were not sitting with the children during lunch in the Bubble Bunch room.
04/03/2013 251.11(4)(b) Continuation License - Application Materials Submission At least 30 days before the continuation review date of the license, an applicant for license renewal shall submit to the department the following materials: 1. A completed license application. 2. The license renewal fee and any forfeiture due and owing. 3. Any changes to center policies.
04/02/2013 251.06(1)(d) Inside Temperature - Minimum The temperature in the Goldfish Pond room is 65 degrees.
04/02/2013 251.06(3)(a) Emergencies - Post & Practice Written Plans The center's alarm system was not used to initiate fire drills. A bull horn over the center's PA system was used.


**** During a partial review of rule requirements on the date indicated, no rule violations were observed.

To obtain more detail or more history on regulatory compliance, contact the licensing regional office.