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Welcome to the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families' public search of regulated child care and YoungStar rated programs. Searching for safe, quality child care in Wisconsin has never been easier. Many providers are rated by YoungStar so that you can know how they measure up against research-based quality indicators. If you need help understanding what a star rating means, please see our Reading the Stars brochure for more information.
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Provider Details
Southwest Wi Technical College
Swtc Kids Town Usa Ccc
1800 Bronson Blvd
Fennimore Wi 53809
Grant County
Provider #
Location #
Facility #
Regulation Type Licensed Group
Applicant/Licensee Duane Ford
Contact Information
Emily Mcbee

0 Week(s) - 13 Year(s)
Jan - Dec
Mon-Thu 7:00AM - 5:30PM
Fri 7:00AM - 5:00PM
Sat-Sun Closed

Condition Details
Regulation TypeCondition TypeEffective DateComments
Licensing Exception/Exemption 09/01/2014 See Posted Exception

YoungStar Details
Current Rating   3 stars.
  24 Points Earned,
Out of 40 Points Maximum
Rating Details
Category Points Earned Points Possible
Education And Training 10 15
Learning Environment And Curriculum 3 13
Business And Professional Practices 7 7
Health And Wellness 4 5

Regulation Details
Regulated child care providers are monitored for compliance with health and safety standards. Below, you may view the last two years of monitoring, and violations.

Monitoring in Last 2 Years

Type of
Licensing 09/19/2014 See Violations below View Plan
Licensing 04/10/2014 See Violations below View Plan
Licensing 10/18/2013 See Violations below View Plan
Licensing 03/22/2013 See Violations below View Plan

Violations in Last 2 Years

DateRule NumberRule SummaryDescription
09/19/2014 251.09(2)(k) Infant & Toddler - Adult-Size Chairs Two staff were working in the the toddler room with only one adult sized chair.
04/10/2014 251.06(5)(b)1. Deteriorating Paint Two picnic tables in the outdoor play area had flaking and peeling paint.
10/18/2013 251.05(1)(L)1.a. Staff Health Examination - Illness Staff A is missing documentation of the TB test.
10/18/2013 251.09(1)(j) Infant & Toddler - Crib Mattresses & Coverings Two crib sheets were not tight fitting. Corrected immediately.
10/18/2013 251.09(4)(a)3. Infant & Toddler - Diaper Changing Surface Disinfection The vinyl covering over the diaper changing pad was ripped making the pad not easily cleanable.
03/22/2013 251.04(5)(a)1. Staff File - Staff Record Information Student teachers A, B and C are missing the Staff Record Form.
03/22/2013 251.04(5)(a)2. Staff File - Background Information Disclosure Form The Background Information Disclosure form is missing from Staff G and Student Teacher D's files.
03/22/2013 251.04(5)(a)3. Staff File - Caregiver Background Check Results The results of the complete caregiver background check is missing in the file for Staff G and Student Teacher D.
03/22/2013 251.04(5)(a)4. Staff File - Physical Examination Report Documentation of the physical exam and TB test are missing from Staff A's file.
03/22/2013 251.04(5)(a)6. Staff File - Orientation & Continuing Education Documentation of continuing education for the prior 12 months is missing from Staff A and H's files. Documentation of the orientation for Staff A is missing the file.
03/22/2013 251.09(2)(bm) Infant & Toddler - Sleep Position One infant was observed sleeping in a car seat inside the nap room. The sleep position was not authorized in writing by the child's physician as required. The parent verbally told staff they could leave the child sleeping in the car seat.


To obtain more detail or more history on regulatory compliance, contact the licensing regional office.